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Instructors and Examiners

Surf Lifeguard and IRB Exams

To register candidates for any Surf Lifeguard or IRB exam please login to the Web Portal:


Surf Lifeguard Award and IRB Instructor Process:

This memo sets out the Instructor Training Process in SLSNR, which will come into effect for the 2018/19 season. This process will have several benefits for clubs and the wider region by supporting:

-          Better communication between the Chief Examiners and Instructor Candidates.

-          Better development for trainee instructors and active club instructors.

-          The Chief Examiner and Training Supervisor to track instructor development more closely.


Instructor Training Process


Lifeguards wanting to become an Instructor for SLA must meet all pre-requisites here.

Lifeguards wanting to become an Instructor for IRB Drivers must meet all pre-requisites here.


At any point you have questions or need any support, please don't hesitate to communicate with the Chief Examiners and Training Supervisor as we want this process to be both positive and rewarding for the candidates and trainee instructors.