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Senior Lifeguard School - Beach & Incident Management 2021/22

The SLSNR Senior Lifeguard School - Beach & Incident Management is designed to target current or up and coming Patrol Captains who want to further develop their beach management skills. Applications for both candidates and instructors can be found here.

This season there will be two Senior Lifeguard Schools run, both at Kariaotahi Beach (1-3 October 2021, 25-27 March 2022)

The pre-requisites for candidates are:
- 18 years of age
- Current member of a SLS club
- Surf Lifeguard Award (Refreshed)
- Min 3 season of active patrolling experience
- Current Level 2 First Aid (Refreshed)
- Club Endorsement

Candidate applications:

The recommended experience for instructors are:
- 4+ years patrolling experience
- Extensive experience in surf bigger than 2m
- Some experience as a Surf Lifeguard or IRB instructor

Instructor applications:

Registration deadline for both candidate and instructor applications are 5 September